domingo, 10 de maio de 2015

Hope: a tragedy

As primeiras duas páginas do livro:

"It's funny: it isn't the fire that kills you, it's the smoke.

There you are, pounding on the windows, climbing higher and higher through your burning home, trying to get away to get out, hoping that if you can just avoid the flames, perhaps you'll survive the fire, but all the time you're suffocating slowly, your lungs filling with smoke. There you are, waiting for the horrors to come from some there, from some other, from without, all the while you're dying, bit by airless bit, from within.

You buy a handgun - for protection, you say - and drop dead that night from a heart attack.

You put locks on your doors. You put bars on your windows. You put gates around your house The doctor phones: It's cancer, he says.

Swimming frantically up to the surface to escape from a menacing shark you get the bends and drown. 

You resolve, one sunny New Year's Day, to get back into shape. This is the year, you insist. A new beginning. A new start. A stronger you, a tougher you. At the health club the following morning, just as you're beginning your third set of bench presses, your muscles cramp and the barbell collapses onto your neck, crushing your windpipe. You can't cry out. Your face turns blue. Your arms go limp. There, on a poster on the wall beside you, are the last words you see before your eyes close and darkness envelopes you for eternity:

Feel the Burn.

It's funny."

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Fal, a Mal disse...

Gente que escreve bem, Deus conserve. Porque, olha, não está fácil. Que delícia deve ser esse livro! <3