sexta-feira, 1 de maio de 2015

The lesson

Trecho inicial do conto: "The Lesson" da Hilene Flanzbaum, deste livro:

"I am not an optimist. I don't believe that the glass is half full. I am the grandaughter of four Eatern European Jews who fled Poland to escape pogroms. When it is sunny, I look for rain. When the phone rings after ten P.M., I start planning the funeral. My favorite joke is: 'Jewish telegram - 'Start worrying; details to follow.' I tell you this so you will not think of me as a perky upbeat person, in denial of every dark emotion she has ever had. Nor am I religious, or even sure I believe in God. I am dark: my hair is dark; my eyes are dark. And so, as both an intellectual and a cynic, I have trouble admitting this but here goes: Having breast cancer changed my life - for the better."

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